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About Us

At HandicapRides you can search for a vehicle with the specific modifications you need and within a geographic area you define. Our "Compare Vehicles" feature will help you better decide on the vehicle most likely to meet your needs. By simply clicking "compare" on the vehicles that interest you, you will be able to compare side by side, apples to apples, the features of each vehicle without having to read thru a lengthy ad and figure out the different terminology each seller is using. In fact, we have made it easier for both seller and prospective buyers by standardizing terminology for both.

HandicapRides is part of the SelfCareCentral.com family of health and disability-related websites. Launched in January of 2008, HandicapRides has been years in development. Our founder Rick Shutes, PT and his wife Lizzie have personally experienced the difficulty of finding a handicap-accessible vehicle. After years of sorting through on-line services and local newspapers, Rick decided there needed to be a better way. HandicapRides was born as a more helpful tool assisting those with disabilities find both new and used handicap-modified vehicles.

With feedback from our customers we'll continue to refine the site to better meet the needs of those with disabilities.

Thank you for visiting HandicapRides.com, and best of luck in finding a modified vehicle that meets both your needs and your budget.